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The newly-created car diffuser delivers warmth and mood with a delicate and compact appearance, so that the interior of the car is filled with a sweet taste like ma Show more rshmallow. (Gift corresponding replacement piece)

: The head fragrance is fresh and natural, with the taste of blood orange, medlar and ; the middle is elegant and romantic, blending with the flavors of violet leaves, jasmine, lily of the valley and carrots; the base is full-bodied and rich, blending sandalwood, musk, vanilla and The aroma of violets. Like the Mediterranean Sea after the rain, breathe a fresh air and feel the happiness that comes quietly.
Instructions for use:

1. Gently lift the front cover with the logo printed on to open the product;
2. Take out the capsule and tear off the first layer of aluminum film (do not tear the transparent film). Make sure the perfume in the capsule is completely leak-free. Put the logo on the side with the logo on the metal base and cover it. cover;
3. Adjust the vents of the vehicle forward and clamp the product near the vents of the driver's seat;
4. With the air conditioning cold or hot air, the aroma will give off a light fragrance.
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